Can I claim compensation if my flight was diverted?

Sleeping during your flight is the easiest way to kill time, avoid small talk with fellow passengers or to forget about the horrifying screams of crying babies on the plane. 

But what if, when you wake up you find yourself landing on another airport than the one you booked a ticket for? Can you claim compensation for your flight being diverted? Who can give you more information on this issue? Well, not your fellow passengers, that’s for sure. You’ve been ignoring them throughout your journey.

Fortunately, we have the answers to your problem. Here is what you must do to get your money back when your flight was diverted!

Why flights get diverted?

First off, let’s look at why your pilot might decide to change course mid-way through your trip. Flights can get diverted for a great number of reasons, out of which the most common ones include:

  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Mechanical issues
  • Crew health problems
  • Sudden strikes at the landing airport
  • Military unrest
  • Natural disasters

Also, it could be that your journey is going great. The weather is fine, the crew is healthy, and there are no armed conflicts or strikes waiting for you at your destination. Then suddenly, one of the passengers starts acting out by fighting with the crew members or their over-talkative seat neighbors. According to air travel regulations, your pilot is entitled to divert the flight, land on the nearest airport and let the ground police handle the rowdy passenger.

What happens when your flight gets diverted?

Regardless of the reasons that divert your flight, you are left with two alternatives: 

  • Your flight could wait for any solvable issue to be fixed and resume its journey
  • Your plane remains grounded, and you need to look for a new way to continue your trip

In both situations, if you had to catch a connecting flight, you can just as well forget about it unless you had a long waiting window between the originally-scheduled flights.

If the airline informs you that you will resume your journey with the same plane once the issue that diverted it in the first place meets its resolution, your best choice is to remain near the boarding gate. Do not venture too far from it, or you might lose the flight, and you could remain stranded on an airport that you did not want to land on in the first place. AirClaim had published a What to do guide here.

How to claim compensation for a diverted flight

In the unlikely case where your flight gets diverted to another airport, and the airline does not resume its originally-scheduled trip, you should look for the quickest way to restarting your journey. Once you find it, consider all the legal means through which you can get your money back for this unexpected turn of events.

Your best choice is to work with an expert company in the field of air travel compensation. With the help of professionals in this business, you can claim compensation for seeing you flight diverted mid-way through your trip.

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